Senior surfers

Senior Surfers at Tbay

T-Bay Surf Club membership not only gives you access to the T-Bay Surf Centre’s facilities but also makes you privy to club events held throughout the year. T-Bay Surf Club welcomes all people to join us, providing you respect the centre (keep it and the ocean clean), and respect your fellow members in the line-up as well!

Many of the clubs founding members still reside in the region and on the waves of T-Bay. So, show respect for those that paved the way for what we all enjoy today by being a “solid” member both in and out of the H20

.Senior Membership Application 


For surfers over 18 years of age.

TBay Silver Surfers

For older surfers, we have a special part of the club were we keep all our secret tips on how to adapt our surfing to worn joints and stiff muscles. Our coaches know all the tricks when it comes to learning to surf when you are that little bit older. We also know all he secrets of how technique and board choice can help us keep up with the younger crew. There’s no reason why your surfing can’t improve with age! Join us on our SIlver Surfing coaching evenings. 

Jai Widger Surfing Tramore waterford Ireland